Paradise Cove Mobile Home Park

Welcome to Malibu’s Best Kept Secret! 

Paradise Cove Mobile Home Park is located on the bluffs overlooking the Pacific. It is the location, however, that really attracts the buyers. Paradise Cove has 276 Mobile homes, some with ocean views and all with direct access to the Private Beaches of Point Dume. The “Cove” is truly paradise, an abundance of trees and lush grounds and a friendly safe neighborhood, make for a laid back environment for adults and children alike. Residents have the use of a large clubhouse, tennis court, basketball court, children’s playground and beautiful beach. The nearby Paradise Cove Beach Cafe makes dining out simple and convenient!


Paradise Cove is a place of great cultural and archaeological importance, as the entire area is the site of the large Chumash coastal village of Sumo, which is one of the largest sites in the Los Angeles County area. 

Paradise Cove mobile homes were developed in the early 1960’s as a beach rental vacation spot with its 71 homes, in the lower section. A decade later the park was sold to the Kissel family which then developed 200 more spaces in the upper areas of Paradise Cove creating what we now have as this wonderful neighborhood.


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"Bohemian Cove The hippest neighborhood in Malibu right now is … a trailer park? Yes, say the likes of Minnie Driver, Pamela Anderson, and Matthew McConaughey. In Paradise Cove, whose pioneers included director Sam Peckinpah and Los Angeles Times publisher Otis Chandler, Vanessa Grigoriadis explores the surfboard-and-shirtless bohemian charms—not to mention those trailers, with their marble floors, Italian-granite countertops, and Sub-Zero appliances—which have sent the price of a tricked-out double-wide into the millions." By Vanessa Grigoriadis.... Read more

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Recent Sales

The Carter Team's recent sales in the following mobile home parks.

Sold! Paradise Cove Mobile Home Park

Address Price

254 Paradise Cove Rd   mls 

Sold! $3100000

254 Paradise Cove Rd   mls 16-107018

Sold! $2900000

248 Paradise Cove   mls 17-203654

Sold! $2200000

158 Paradise Cove   mls 17-224068

Sold! $2000000

221 Paradise Cove   mls 17-279676

Sold! $1975000

233 Paradise Cove Rd   mls 15-880739

Sold! $1875000

245 Paradise Cove   mls 17-202480

Sold! $1850000

182 Paradise Cove   mls 19-431238

Sold! $1420000

258 Paradise Cove   mls 

Sold! $1410000

257 Paradise Cove Rd   mls 15-907025

Sold! $1400000

184 Paradise Cove   mls 20-588014

Sold! $1375000

98 Paradise Cove   mls 17-224052

Sold! $1350000

235 Paradise Cove   mls 17-285104

Sold! $1350000

172 Paradise Cove   mls 19-420928

Sold! $1350000

172 Paradise Cove   mls 17-266454

Sold! $1330000

157 Paradise Cove Rd   mls 16-135950

Sold! $1300000

258 Paradise Cove   mls 17-241528

Sold! $1295000

181 Paradise Cove   mls N/A

Sold! $1225000

195 Paradise Cove   mls 18-374042

Sold! $1225000

99 Paradise Cove   mls 17-248294

Sold! $1200000

177 Paradise Cove Rd   mls 15-928445

Sold! $1200000

191 Paradise Cove Rd   mls 16-104504

Sold! $1150000

258 Paradise Cove Rd   mls 15-818455

Sold! $880000

7 Paradise Cove   mls 17-276996

Sold! $875000

93 Paradise Cove Rd   mls 16-117388

Sold! $875000

50 Paradise Cove Rd   mls 16-124548

Sold! $775000

60 Paradise Cove Rd   mls 14-814559

Sold! $695000

29 Paradise Cove Rd   mls 15-942941

Sold! $625000

45 Paradise Cove   mls 17-241020

Sold! $620000

27 Paradise Cove Rd   mls 16-978523

Sold! $595000

19 Paradise Cove   mls 20-573804

Sold! $520000

64 Paradise Cove Rd   mls 16-117710

Sold! $520000

12 Paradise Cove   mls 18-362692

Sold! $510000

21 Paradise Cove Rd   mls 16-977253

Sold! $475000

52 Paradise Cove   mls 18-324958

Sold! $450000

53 Paradise Cove Rd   mls 

Sold! $445000

21 Paradise cove   mls 20-633594

Sold! $425000

34 Paradise Cove Rd   mls 15-891825

Sold! $415000

37 Paradise Cove   mls 

Sold! $395000

52 Paradise Cove Rd   mls 15-821225

Sold! $375000

53 Paradise Cove Rd   mls 15-825589

Sold! $330000