5 Reasons to Consider Mobile Home Living in Malibu

Malibu Mobile Homes|September 14, 2022
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Malibu mobile homes are likely not what you might be picturing in your head. One community was called America’s Most Glamorous Trailer Park by The New York Times and there are several luxurious communities along the coast. Even Minnie Driver owns a piece of mobile Malibu real estate.

Luxurious Malibu mobile homes are a lot different from what you may be envisioning, and there are some good reasons to consider moving into one. If traditional Malibu real estate is out of your budget or you’re looking for something lower maintenance but with the same major benefits, keep reading. These are the five reasons you should keep an open mind when it comes to your next Malibu real estate investment.

This is not your traditional mobile home

Some people might have preconceived notions about mobile homes, but in reality, they can portray the essence of luxury.This is especially true for Malibu mobile homes. Many of these homes are both spacious and new, or at least recently renovated, with open floor plans, big windows, and several bedrooms. The finishes are high-end and luxurious, and walking into Malibu mobile homes on the market right now doesn’t feel much different from stepping into any other Malibu real estate on the market.

Amazing amenities

In many traditional communities, you pay an HOA, or homeowners association, fee. This can range from just $50 a month or so, to a thousand or more. With those fees, you gain access to certain amenities. Malibu mobile homes don’t have an HOA. Instead, there is something called lot rent.

Just like an HOA, Malibu mobile homes and their community generally come with really high-end amenities. These are often things that would be space-prohibitive if you were buying a ‘traditional’ home on a foundation.

In Point Dume Club, for example, residents have access to the heated pool, basketball court, spa, and tennis courts. All within an easy walk or golf cart drive to Zuma Beach. Those sort of amenities, with that location, in a more traditional home could cost thousands more.

Maintenance is different, but often easier

If you’re already an owner of traditional Malibu real estate, you probably understand the ‘standards’ for home care, and how to maintain your property. When it comes to Malibu mobile homes, though, the maintenance is going to be a little bit different.

Regular maintenance checks include making sure the skirting is in place with no cracks, ensuring your roof is still solid, and ensuring the foundation your home sits on is still both solid and level. Before you sign with a community, though, make sure you know what they offer you. There are some communities that will actually perform some basic maintenance and checks, all included with the lot rent.

Overall, because Malibu mobile homes are smaller and less rooted, it’s easier to make minor and major repairs. You can simply remove the skirting to get under the home and access all of the major plumbing.

Mobile homes last just as long

There was a study done in 1990 that suggested the average life expectancy of a mobile home was just over 55 years. This is a topic that gets brought up a lot when it comes to Malibu mobile homes and their investment chances – that the home isn’t going to “be around” as long as traditional Malibu real estate is built upon a foundation.

The truth is, a study done in 2018 showed that a manufactured home not only retains its value as well as a traditional home built on a foundation, but it can last just as long as well. As long as the home is maintained, just like any other piece of Malibu real estate, it will last quite a while. 

A manufactured home is better for the environment

There are many reasons that someone may choose Malibu mobile homes over a traditionally constructed home, and the energy efficiency is a great one. From start to finish, a manufactured home tends to be better for the environment.

When it comes to construction, brand new manufactured homes tend to be built faster and produce less waste, especially when you consider they can be built indoors, and don’t require shielding from the elements while being built. Each manufactured home produces enough waste to fill a 55-gallon trash bag, compared to a traditional build project, which produces about 4 pounds of waste per square foot.

Day-to-day living is also more efficient in most Malibu mobile homes. They are built with all the bells and whistles that help keep them cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, including better windows and more efficient air conditioning units. In general, even in older mobile homes, residents report lower utility bills than a similarly-sized property.

Considering making the move?

Are you ready to leave behind traditional Malibu real estate and start looking into mobile homes? Malibu mobile homes are a great way of luxury living without the hassle, maintenance, and major price tag involved. When you’re ready to start looking, reach out to The Carter Team today. This group of real estate agents has worked with Malibu mobile homes for years, and David Carter lived in Paradise Cove himself for over 40 years. They can help you find your dream Malibu real estate with the amenities you want, at a price you need, so you can live your best life on the coast. Reach out today!

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